God creates each person in His image with artistic abilities to glorify Him from the center of our being -- our soul. Through the Fine Arts, we can aesthetically communicate our cultures, our values, our thoughts, and our feelings within ourselves and to others.


The fine arts enable students to grow as well rounded persons.

Students develop:

  • intellectually through right-brain activities, recreation of the mind, enhancement of knowledge, and use of higher-level thinking skills.
  • physically in coordination, motor skills, rhythm, and movement.
  • emotionally with affective expression, aesthetic appreciation, and reinforce self-esteem.
  • socially through cross-cultural respect and acceptance, teamwork and cooperation, and effective communication.
  • spiritually through worship expression, soul reflection, and self-control.


Students of the fine arts will enhance society by contributing beauty and enjoyment. They will analyze, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize concepts within a variety of artistic media. They will create original products and works with high standards. They will maintain intellectual curiosity. They will set goals for personal growth. They will appreciate the performing and visual arts. They will appreciate God as the creator of beauty and of life itself.